Kevin Isom

Kevin Isom

Web Developer.

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Where is JavaScript Going?

A brief look into where I believe JavaScript is heading over the next year or so. Slides


An introduction to using NPM and node.js for CSS. Slides and Code

React.js on the server

An introduction to creating React based apps that render on both the client and the server. Slides and Code

React.js talk

The video of the talk on react.js I presented at WDCNZ

Test your javascript

Slides on unit testing JavaScript from a recent talk

File, New, Problem

Slides on the considerations for front end design before you get started.

Plays Nice

Truly, I have strong (and loud) opinions, but happy to admit when I'm wrong.

NPM Packages

Back Off

The Circuit Breaker pattern for in JavaScript

Express Mongo Session

An express middleware module that allows you to save a session to mongodb.


A simple dependency injection module for node.js

Mongo Start

Bootstrapper to easily use MongoJS

Mongo Loader

Quickly and easily load date into a MongoDB instance and remove it when done.


A node module for using the Payment Express PXPay 2.0 service for payment processing.


A node module for using the Payment Express PXPost service for payment processing.

React Form Elements

Form components for React.js.

Static Cling

Static file server for Node.js and IO.js.